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Eclectic Voices is an alliance of writers building a safe and trusted space for our members to bring works-in-progress fiction, plays and screenplays for feedback and development. This podcast is our latest foray into getting our work by our core group of both emerging and established writers to the public at large. We produce fiction, monologues, short plays, and snippets of longer works. Explore this eclectic mix of voices – and spread the word! Eclectic Voices is edited and published by Jeff Folschinsky and Chelsea Sutton.
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Jul 25, 2016

In June 2012, Eclectic Voices produced a completely original monologue play: The Theory of Silence, Details on a Disappearance. It grew out of a writing exercise surrounding the idea of a family mysteriously disappearing from a small town. The show featured monologues from characters in the town, their reactions, theories and experiences about the disappearance.

The synopsis: The Johnsons have suddenly vanished. They’re just gone, nowhere to be found. Did they meet with foul play? If they did, there’s no shortage of potential suspects. There’s the neighborhood watch guy; the garbage hunter; the crazy bag lady; the medium; the man who manipulated his way into the preteen dance class; the disgruntled waitress; and more. Everyone in town has a theory and they’re not shy when it comes to telling you about it. This original mystery monologue show explores the idea of unexplained disappearance, of human evaporation, and how it affects those who witness it.


We are proud to present one of the great monologues from the show, “Madam Lydia 1”, written by Jeff Folschinsky and performed by Taylor Ashbrook.

Jul 11, 2016

New Pilgrim was written by Eclectic Voices' Niki Blumberg and performed by Eclectic Voices' Taylor Ashbrook during the We're No Heroes Late Night show of monologues, rants and oddities.